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Designing education.

COGNOS International

Shanghai Open University (SOU): Teacher training

COGNOS International signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Open University in 2018. Under this agreement, a teacher training programme was set up in 2019. The first group visited Germany for a 3-week training in 2019. The programme took place in Frankfurt and Hamburg and included trainings on topics such as supportive leadership, innovation management and change management, as well as various company visits. In 2020 - 2023, the trainings took place online, the topics here were dual education and didactics. For 2024, a German programme is finally planned again for a group of teachers from the SOU. In advance, a delegation from the SOU has visited LUNEX in Luxembourg and the campus of the Fresenius University in Hamburg.

Project duration: Since 2019

COGNOS International

Chengdu: Hidden Champions Programme

COGNOS International signed a contract with the Chengdu SME Center in 2018 to promote SMEs. As part of this programme, we held two 10-day programmes in Hamburg in 2018 and 2019. The topic of these programmes was "Successfactors of Hidden Champions in Germany". 20 participants from SMEs in Chengdu took part in each of these programmes, which included company visits and training. After a corona-related interruption, the programme is to be continued in the coming years.

Project duration: Since 2018

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