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Female Empowerment

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COGNOS International

Girls‘ Empowerment

Our MINT project continues: on January 25 and 26, 2023, a MINT empowerment workshop on the topic of "Green Energy" took place at the Fichte Gymnasium in Hagen. This workshop was preceded by a pilot project at Heinrich Heine Gymnasium, which was so successful last year that the Karl Kolle Foundation decided to offer it to other schools. This is because girls are still underrepresented in the STEM field and feel less addressed by STEM projects than boys. Once again, the Karl Kolle Foundation provided the funding for this workshop and it was organized by COGNOS International.

This workshop, specially designed for young girls in grades 7-9, offered 17 schoolgirls the opportunity to playfully explore the topic of renewable energies using experimental kits. From water and wind power to solar energy, the girls were able to set up several experiments and test their functions.

For example, an LED was made to glow by means of a moving water wheel, and a small solar vehicle powered by radiant energy rolled through the classroom. Short films and exciting quizzes completed the two workshop days, which will be followed by a visit to the women's project laboratory at the FH Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The three most successful participants will each receive an experimental kit as a gift at the end of the workshop.
Until the summer of 2023, the workshop will take place in 5 more schools in the Karl Kolle Foundation's funding area.

In the meantime, the workshop in Hagen has been followed by 5 more workshops. At a total of 5 high schools and 2 comprehensive schools, more than 100 female students have now been able to gain valuable experience in the STEM field. The response has been great and all participating schools now have their own experimental kits, which they can use to offer the workshop to many more students. We would like to thank the KARL-KOLLE Foundation for this great sustainable project, which will be continued with 8 other schools from March 2024.

Project period: Since November 2021

COGNOS International
Burkina Faso

Female Empowerment

Quote Female Empowerment

In Burkina Faso, women are still disadvantaged despite progressive changes in the law. Therefore, it is important to empower women regardless of their social role. This is the goal of our empowerment project in Burkina Faso.

"I have learned a lot about decision making, stress management and delegation. I also became more aware of my weaknesses and areas for improvement. There were many tools for decision making, and I'm glad I was lucky enough to be a part of it the participants for this session. We are all grateful!"
Dolores Neya, Burkina Institute of Technology

As part of our project, we organize weekly female empowerment sessions with 70 students from the Burkina Institute of Technology. We meet in our hybrid classroom, where we exchange ideas on very different topics (including work-life balance, women in leadership decision making, and much more). The program offers various formats of group work, lectures and peer-to-peer learning via lectures from other girls and women from Africa. We have had the pleasure of welcoming many women's rights activists as guests, including the Ambassador of Lesotho, H.E. Welcoming Senator Barbara Masupha. The training is a joint project with the Stern Stewart Institute.

Project period: Since November 2021

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